Mental Health Convoy, was first founded back in 2019, by ItsMeerken, one of the Station Developers for a Simulation Station, called SimulatorHits.
We're working together to support YoungMinds for 2021, and it's time for us as a community to fight back against mental health, not only within children, but ourselves.

TruckFest Parking

We've planned various parking spaces for both our TruckFest attendees, and our Public attendees.
You can find a full list of our TruckFest slots by visiting our TruckFest page.
If you're planning on joining our TruckFest, please make sure that you arrive 30 minutes before the TruckFest starts.
Please also make sure that your group are in a formation, as we'll be checking the formations and looks of each group, to determine winners etc.

Convoy Routes

We're still working on our Convoy Routes as we speak, and plan to have them released to the public by the end of March 2020.
Routes 1 to 4 have already been decided, and are being mapped out ready for public release, as to when this happens, we're currently unsure.

TruckFest Prizes

We're still working on our prize list at the moment.
Please check back soon, and we'll have some goodies up for grabs.


Mental Health Convoy would not be possible without the support from the public,
our staff and the amazing organisations below.